Why Children has impact

Open Piano Salzburg


Only three chords. Db, Bbsus4 and Fm. That’s it. Never the less it features one of the catchiest motifs of all time. You can check out my transcription on muscore if you like.

I love playing streetpianos on public places to make people happy. Now, Open Piano is a very special organizer of streetpianos. They always provide nice grand pianos and incidentally collect donations for a good cause: Their social music school DoReMi in vienna to make music available for everyone, regardless of their social origin. If you like you can donate sth to Open Piano: https://openpianoforrefugees.com/

Inspiration behind “Children”

This track falls into the “trance” (specifically “dream trance”) genre of club music. And there is a very-specific reason Robert Miles designed it so. His goal was to create a set-ending track which would calm partygoers down before heading out the door. This was because at the time, car accidents by young people coming home from raves were very-problematic, especially in Miles’ home country of Italy. In fact the situation got so bad that these incidents were collectively dubbed “Saturday Night Slaughter”

Read more at: https://www.songmeaningsandfacts.com/children-by-robert-miles/

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