How to memorize

There are many layers how to memorize music pieces. The video from Jazer Lee is a good start. But it goes beyond that.

  • Muscle memory
    Every hand position or finger position as a sequence.
  • Aural layer
    Everything that goes into your ear like a catchy melody.
  • Visual layer
    Mainly sheet music.
  • Semantics & Theory
    Here comes the functional theory into play.
  • Pattern Recognition
    Typical and unique features of the song and how it is performed like syncopations etc.
  • Overall song structure
    Dynamics and structure in general.
  • Emotional hints
    Your feelings and thoughts about the piece. Could be also a place where you’ve performed the piece once.

It is important to use a wide variety of those layers to consolidate the song you are learning. Also you have to repeat your repertoire from time to time to keep it fresh.

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