How to Be Miserable

Mark Manson hatte eine etwas provokative Art seine Message herüber zu bringen. Aber bereits Paul Watzlawik sagte das selbe mit seiner Anleitung zum Unglücklich sein aus.

  1. Always blame some else for your problems
  2. Complain constantly
  3. Avoid anything remotely uncomfortable or challenging
  4. Wait for someone else to come fix all your problems
  5. Get angry when that person doesn’t fix your life’s problems
  6. Become obsessed with what other people think about you
  7. Validate all of your thoughts and ideas on social media
  8. numb yourself
  9. Believe that change is impossible

In einem Parallel Universum:

  1. Take accountability for your problems
  2. Try to accept situations
  3. Confront anything uncomfortable or challenging which needs to be solved
  4. Do not wait for your saviour
  5. Do not depend on other people
  6. Do not worry and be honest and authentic to yourself
  7. Distant yourself from toxic habbits
  8. Do anything, even little things are better than nothing
  9. Believe in your self-efficacy

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