Why some motifs are so catchy

Yamaha PSS-A50 Brauneck

Scruffy explains very well the catchyness of mario music composed by Koji Kondo. I acutally never played Super Mario 3D world but the presented soundtrack convinced me totally. So I had to learn this catchy phrases myself. In a nutshell catchyness comes from periodicity, repetition, syncopation and sentence like structures. Furthermore he reveals what distinguishes the “good” theme from the “evil” theme.


Nature, hiking, skiing and making music is great fun. Why not combine it together. Actually in April every alpine hut and lift are closed. So I walked upwards with the Yamaha PSS-A50, my ski boots and snowblades on my backpack. Really heavy luggage but going with the snowblades down on the remaining snow was totally fun!

It the mentioned World Bowser Theme transponsed to Fm on a Yamaha PSS-A50. The score is also available on Musescore. You’ll find also the “good” theme on my channel.

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